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The practice space // @convictionsrock
8.20.14 // it begins
Our new music video looks like something out of a movie. Can’t wait for you all to see this.
My best friend / band mate is going into surgery for a new kidney! We have hoped and prayed for this for years now. Everyone please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!
My live guitars. Only playing @reverendguitars onstage with @convictionsrock currently!
I’ll be at warped tour today. First person I see wearing a Convictions shirt gets a free “UNWORTHY” EP! Find me!
Physical Copies of our “UNWORTHY” EP are available! Pick one up, share us with your friends :)
For sale : Boss Tremelo. Comment or DM me if you are interested. I am willing to ship.
My sister lives in Iceland right now and sends pictures like this. Jealous doesn’t even come close. I need to see Iceland soon